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The probate process in Connecticut can be complex.

When a relative dies, the family is left grieving and often overwhelmed as to how to handle their loved one’s assets. Farrell & Grochowski can help you charter the probate process. What needs to be done depends on the nature and extent of the assets left behind as well as whether the decedent had a will at the time of death.

A full probate estate will need to be opened when: the decedent owns individually-held property without a beneficiary designation that exceeds $40,000 or; when they have a sole interest in real estate. When the solely-owned assets total less than $40,000, a simpler application known as an “affidavit in lieu of administration,” must be filed with the probate court.

When a couple owns all their assets jointly, including real estate, then a tax purposes only estate must be filed with the probate court. This will remove the decedent’s name from property and it cannot be sold without going through this process. No matter what type of probate processes are needed, we are happy to help and guide you through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

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