It can be a challenge to obtain disability benefits on your own. We proudly represent disabled people seeking Social Security and Supplemental Security benefits.

Asset Protection/ Disability

Everyone knows you should have a will to make sure your assets go where you want when you die. However, a will is not the only document you need. No matter your age or wealth, you need more than a will to protect yourself and your family. At Farrell & Grochowski we can advise you on how to:
  • Protect your assets in case you move into a nursing home
  • Designate someone to make financial and health decisions if you can no longer make them
  • Avoid or minimize the need to have your assets go through probate
  • Provide for your special needs child without making them ineligible for government benefits
  • Make sure that your wishes regarding life support and end of life are respected

Health Care Agent

Through a healthcare agent designation, you can select someone to make healthcare decisions for you if you can no longer do so.

Designation of Person to Whom Your Body Will Be Released

In some situations, a person may have different ideas about their burial than their family. By designating a person to whom your body can be released, you can ensure that someone who respects your wishes will be in charge of your final arrangements. This document is frequently requested by same-sex couples to ensure that their partner will be making the burial arrangements.

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